The Woman Alcoholic CD
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Audio Topic CD by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., founder of Women for Sobriety, Inc.  CD is approx. 60 Minutes in length.

REVIEWS - What Members Have to Say:

Jean:  This CD speaks to the specialized needs of the woman alcoholic.  It discusses the problems that women have with relationships while drinking, and how these relationships (especially with males) complicate our recoveries.  It lists the four areas that the woman alcoholic differs from the male alcoholic:  excessive guilt, low self-worth, depression, and loneliness.  Jean Kirkpatrick discusses each of these areas in detail.  This CD ties in with several of the WFS Program Statements; and it seems to fit, most especially, with #12, “I am a competent woman and have much to give life.”  So often, while we are drinking, we feel completely incompetent, and very unwomanly.  I listened to this CD/tape early in my recovery.  It came as part of the Beginner’s Special ( and made a difference for me.  It spoke about the specifics of being a woman and being alcoholic.  For me, the discussion of guilt and loneliness were most meaningful for me.  My most intimate friend use to be alcohol, which is a sure-fire approach to loneliness!  I would highly recommend this CD to the new person who is trying to find her way in sobriety.  Each of us is 4C; we are just hiding all those good qualities with too much alcohol!

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The Woman Alcoholic CD

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